Fleece jackets

Heated fleece jackets from Happyhot

Happyhot heated jackets are designed to keep you warm all year and can be used as a fleece jacket on its own in spring or autumn or as a baselayer during the colder months. They are extremely comfortable to wear and give you full room of movement, which is ideal if you are hunting, fishing, horse riding, playing golf or any other activity where you need to be able to move freely.

The three heating zones placed on the back and chest give a perfect circulation of the heat to your entire upper body. You can choose from 3 levels of heat so that you can feel comfortably warm wether you are being still or active.

The rechargeable battery which is included, gives up to 7 hours of heat on the lowest level and can be recharged 500+ times. If you need heat for longer, it is recommended to buy an extra battery