Heating vests from Happyhot 

Would you like to be able to enjoy your favourite outdoor activities all year around? The heating vests from Happyhot are extremely versatile and can be used most of the year anytime that you need a little extra warmth. They are perfect for camping on chilly summer nights, as a jacket on a crisp spring or autumn morning or under a jacket in winter. 

The selection of Happyhot heating vests is designed to meet any outdoor enthusiasts needs. The fleece vest is so soft that you won't even feel you are wearing it, making it ideal for almost any activity and perfect as a base layer. The softshell vests give a “sporty” look, are extremely durable and practical.

All Happyhot heating vests are made in premium quality that will exceed the expectations of clothing being used outdoors all year even in the most extreme weather. They have three heating zones of thin woven carbon fiber threads that are strategically placed with one on the back and two on the chest to ensure a perfect circulation of heat to keep your entire upper body warm.

Happyhot's heating vests are extremely comfortable to wear and very simple to operate. Just turn on the heat, choose from 3 levels and enjoy being comfortably warm for up to 7 hours at a time. The included battery can be recharged 500 times or more, so with a vest from Happyhot you won't have to worry about feeling cold for a very long time! If you want to have warmth for even longer, you can buy an extra 4.000 mAh battery for your heated vest and you will have up to 14 hours of warmth, perfect for longer outdoor excursions.